Introducing the RIGHTWEIGHT MOOC lecture series


The partners of the RIGHTWEIGHT program have reached out to their network to organise MOOC lectures to bring expert lightweight knowledge. 

In total 9 high-level lectures will be held and recorded by experts across the field of lightweight technology. These Lectures will be broadcasted on the IPEK platform, with the aim of helping the participating SMEs in gaining more knowledge about certain crucial topics within the field. With this initiative, we hope to gain awareness and reach out to stakeholders in the lightweight technology field.

We want to ensure that the efforts put into the RIGHTWEIGHT project will be positively exploited, and that the connections and knowledge transfer made between the partners these last three years will have a lasting positive effect on ongoing innovation and collaborations between OEMS, SMEs, and cluster organisations.

Register to the platform below and watch the first lecture in the series, lecture 0 to learn all about the project. 

Register to the platform

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