Watch the RIGHTWEIGHT Regional Workshops!

To promote the RIGHTWEIGHT challenges a selection of regional workshops were organised. Watch the workshops below from AutomotiveNL, IMAST, NMWP and KIT! Discover more about the support programme and hear from a selection of the challenge providers themselves.

The RIGHTWEIGHT project will support 50+ manufacturing SMEs in auto & aero value chains to deliver components meeting car/aircraft makers’ needs. 20+ novel lightweight products will be incubated to TRL7 by 2022, improving environmental performance and greater value-for-money via an open cross-sectorial process combining educational activities and transnational thematic competitions in 5 cross-cutting areas within lightweight:

1. materials supply & development
2. characterization & modelling
3. design & smart functions
4. manufacturing & assembly
5. recycling

RIGHTWEIGHT regional workshop: AutomotiveNL 


RIGHTWEIGHT regional workshop: NMWP & KIT


RIGHTWEIGHT regional workshop: IMAST



View all of the RIGHTWEIGHT challenges below can you provide a lightweight solution?

Who can apply?

- A small to medium-size enterprise (SME)
- Based in North-West Europe or Italy
- Eager to accelerate your way to the market?

View and apply to the challenges here

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