Setting out the right path for RIGHTWEIGHT

The RIGHTWEIGHT project aims at bridging the gap between manufacturing SMEs and large OEMs (and their tier 1/2-suppliers) in the European automotive and aerospace industry. Many European SMEs have technology that is of great interest to the industry’s OEMs, but have difficulties in reaching the latter. At the same time, within Rightweight, SMEs will benefit from additional technology and business support to further develop and mature their technology, for a smoother take-up by the OEMs.

The project so far 

In its first year of operation, the Rightweight project has collected and published over 30 project ideas from OEMs, which has resulted in over 25 corresponding solution proposals from SMEs. Out of these proposals, 20+ have been selected to receive direct support by the Rightweight project partners to develop – in straight collaboration with the OEM - towards higher TRL levels and further business development. Projects range from lightweight automotive parts made from post-consumer plastic waste to integrated heating systems for aerospace applications. The project thus shows the great potential that lies in bringing SMEs and OEMs together.


What’s left to expect from RIGHTWEIGHT?

In its second and final year of operation, the project will support more SME-projects, as well as organise dedicated workshops for SMEs and making online courses publicly available for interested SMEs, with  the main aim having a lasting impact on the European manufacturing industry, beyond the project’s duration.


See examples of quotes about RIGHTWEIGHT from a selection of those involved in the project below:

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