Vicat and Tradecowall clinker trials currently ongoing

Within the SeRaMCo project, the first industrial tests on cement and concrete mixes are starting. Vicat and Tradecowall, two industrial partners involved in Work Package 3 - which aims at generating and implementing innovative cement and concrete products based on recycled aggregates - are joining forces to elaborate cement mixes from recycled construction and demolition waste (CDW).

Vicat is a cement and concrete company with more than 160 years of activity in the construction sector. Primarily based in France, Vicat has plants and factories in 4 continents, serving a widespread market. As a key company in the sector, Vicat’s role in SeRaMCo is strategic to test and elaborate effective cement and concrete mixes with recycled aggregates, that can be then used to produce concrete precast products.

Tradecowall is an enterprise located in Wallonia (Belgium), focused on construction and demolition waste recycling. Tradecowall is the result of a partnership between construction associations, the public sector and academia in Wallonia, and it is the main supplier of recycled CDW in SeRaMCo.

On the 27, 28 and 29 September, Vicat will perform a trial of clinker production in its cement plant in Créchy. Recycled CDW will be provided by Tradecowall (150 tons) and Agregats du Centre (600 tons), another company specialized in the production of aggregates. The resulting clinker will then be used in the production of cement, scheduled at the beginning of October. The production will target CEM I 52,5 and/or CEM II 42,5.

Stay tuned for the results to come!

Vicat cement plant in Créchy, France

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