3D Printing for Repair workshop for Repair Cafés volunteers

FabLab ULB

13 May 2023 - 13 May 2023

Repair Together organised a workshop of a whole day on 3D Printing for Repair, at the FabLab ULB. 15 volunteers from 13 Repair Cafés were present, mainly without any experience about the subject.

They learned general information about 3D printing followed by the specific method of 3DPrinting for repair developed by project partner TU Delft.

The afternoon was focused on design with a CAO program, which was the first time for a lot of participants.

At the end of the day, they printed their design and tested it. It was a huge success and participants loved the innovation of the workshop. They brought back what they learned to their Repair Café, with a few printed FR guides to share with their co-repairers!

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