Fifth edition of International Repair Day

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14 October 2021 - 18 October 2021

Saturday 16 October we celebrate the fifth edition of International Repair Day, a day to promote and celebrate the value of fixing. You can find a toolkit to get involved at:

Join the celebrations by:

  • uploading your Repair Day events and activities using the form on the website
  • use social media messages and cards in your communication on the day

The theme for this year’s edition is “Repair Lowers Carbon Emissions”, in response to the recent, alarming IPCC report on the climate and the UN Climate Negotiations coming up in November.

For most types of products we see at community repair events, most of their global warming impact has occurred before they were used for the first time. The carbon emissions from production, that come embodied in imported products, are often called “consumption emissions”. By extending the lives of these products, we lower our consumption emissions over time.

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