Repair workshop for children in Apeldoorn


15 March 2023 - 15 March 2023

On Wednesday, March 15, a repair workshop for children was held in Apeldoorn. The workshop marks the second in a series of three, called ‘Repareren kun je leren’ (you can learn how to repair).

How to repair: workshop for children

The SHAREPAIR team in Apeldoorn joined forces with local repair café Foenix, and CODA Experiencelab. At this Experiencelab, children can learn how to sow, recycle or 3D print. During the workshop, the repair heroes from the Foenix repair café were present to fix broken devices on-the-spot.

Around 30 children fixed their teddybears, clothing and tried 3D printing. The bread making machine that was brought, unfortunately couldn’t be fixed right away. Once a spare part is ordered, it will be repaired in the repair café soon.

It was a very fun and educational afternoon. The main reason for organising this, is to teach children at a young age that it’s good and normal to re-use and repair your belongings!

3rd repair workshop Apeldoorn

The series of repair workshops will be concluded with a third event on April 21st, for people in one of Apeldoorn’s neighborhoods.

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