Webinar data collection for the repair community


7 May 2020

Community repair projects have a lot of valuable knowledge, experiences and data to share. Repair&Share invited two experts to talk about how they collect, centralise and publish this information. They zoomed in on the activities of The Open Repair Alliance and the RepairMonitor and explained the ways these initiatives collect data about repair activities and about the repairability of products. After the presentations, there was space for exchanging ideas and experiences by the participants. We discussed how we can maximise the visibility and impact of the repair movement through data collection and sharing.

This webinar is the online version of one of the sessions we prepared for the REPAIR is THE FUTURE conference, which was postponed due to Corona.

Ugo Vallauri, The Restart Project (UK)
Martine Postma, Repair Café International Foundation and RepairMonitor
Inez Louwagie, Repair&Share (BE)


The topics we talked about:

Right to Repair campaign (EU)

Recht op Repareren campagne (B)

Open Repair Alliance and its data standard


The Restarters platform


The European project Sharepair


Links to the presentation by Ugo Vallauri, the presentation by Martine Postma and the programme of the Webinar.


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