Webinar local repair ecosystems on the rise


25 June 2020

This webinar is the online version of one of the sessions we prepared for the REPAIR is THE FUTURE conference, which was postponed due to Corona. It explores several ways to collect data about repair activities and about the repairability of products.


The dream of a vibrant repair movement is more alive than ever. Several organisations across Europe are developing their own local ‘repair ecosystem’. They build networks of citizen initiatives, businesses, schools and governments, to boost repair in their city or region. During this webinar, they will talk about their dreams and goals, their successes and challenges ahead. The participants are invited to ask questions and participate in the debate.


Markus Piringer – Umweltberatung (AT)

Erik Béatse – Maakbaar Leuven (BE)

David Dessers – City of Leuven, Deputy mayor for Mobility, Climate and Sustainability, Agriculture and Consumption (BE)

Moderator: Jan Mertens – Federal Council for Sustainable Development (BE)

Host: Inez Louwagie – Repair&Share

Practical information

The webinar will be held on Thursday the 25th of June 2020, 14:00 > 15:30 CET.

Want to join the webinar?

More info and registration through the Repair & Share website.


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