Launching a new lesson pack on electrical and electronic equipment recovery

Get started with your students on the repair of electrical and electronic devices with the free learning materials from Djapo and Sharepair.


How can you make students aware of the importance of repairing electrical and electronic equipment?

Djapo developed new teaching materials that aim to sensitize children and young people and make them responsible for dealing with electrical and electronic devices around them. Just think of a smartphone that ends up in the rubbish bin because the battery is no longer working properly. Or a laptop that is thrown away because the screen is damaged.

The lesson package contains both general background information and concrete lessons that make students think critically and problem-solve. You will also work on concrete research and action competences. For example, you enter into a dialogue with your students about the circular economy and the repair of electrical and electronic devices.

Together we extend the life of broken goods!

Do you want to know more? View the teaching materials in Dutch on the Djapo website. Later on they will be available in English and French. 

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