Online repair is possible – Florine’s toaster

Given the current circumstances, face-to-face repairs are temporarily not possible. However, tools such as Repair Connects can be used to connect users who wish to repair an object with volunteer repairers. Repairs are therefore carried out online, using video conferencing tools.

Repair Together created a video that shows that remote repair is possible even in times of COVID-19. The idea is to encourage users and volunteer repairers to continue repairing with the help of digital tools. We took the example of repairing a toaster, see video (recorded in French, English subtitles are available).

This video shows Alessandro, a repairer, guiding Florine in the repair of her broken appliance. They found out where the breakdown was and worked together to solve the problem.

The interesting thing about online repair is that the user carries out the repair himself, so he can learn how to repair with the advice of a volunteer repairer

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