Provincie Vlaams-Brabant co-finances SHAREPAIR

SHAREPAIR is a promising project and that is being confirmed through an extra part of funding provided by the Belgian province of Vlaams-Brabant. With the City of Leuven as lead partner of SHAREPAIR, and Maakbaar Leuven, KU Leuven and Statik who will be using Leuven as a test case for different tasks in SHAREPAIR, repair will be high on the province's agenda in the coming years. 

Vlaams-Brabant supports this Interreg project with a provincial co-financing of 200,000 euros, divided between 4 partners: our lead partner, the City of Leuven (50,000 euros), and other project partners KU Leuven (80,000 euros), Statik (50,000 euros), and Maakbaar Leuven (20,000 euros). 


More info on the projects Vlaams-Brabant is supporting

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