SHAREPAIR on national Dutch television!

On April 24th, SHAREPAIR appeared in the national Dutch television show ‘Radar’ – a show advising consumers.

The item about the right to repair for small electric appliances, several SHAREPAIR partners were interviewed. In the 15 minutes long video, we see Bas from TU Delft, Laura from Testaankoop/Testachats, and the Foenix Repair Café in Apeldoorn.

Together with Mart Drummen (designer of the Everbrush, a highly repairable electric toothbrush), the following topics were discussed:

  • the repair index and the right to repair movement;
  • difficulties in opening products;
  • the lack of spare parts.

We encourage all Dutch-speaking people to watch this nice video online (watch the full episode and go to minute 27).

The text version can be found here.

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