Repair is not economically profitable

New report published: Repair is not economically profitable, according to professional repairers of household appliances

In December last year, some of you took part in a webinar where Repair&Share presented the survey results of the repair market in Flanders. The study, conducted by Möbius, as well as our policy recommendations are now available.

This survey focuses on small electrical appliances and is based on desk research and 11 in-depth interviews with repair professionals and companies. The survey provides some interesting insights on the current trends in the repair sector. Some examples: the respondents testify that there is barely any repair market outside the legal guarantee period of two years. They highlight many barriers for repair, such as a high price and long delivery time of spare parts.

We also discussed with them what they believe should be put forward as policy instruments to make the sector grow. The survey offers interesting arguments and building blocks for the policy work within SHAREPAIR!

Click here for the link to this study and here to learn more about the policy recommendations, both texts are in Dutch. Meanwhile, the English version of the survey results is now also online.

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What do professional repairers think of their sector's future?

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