Support Restart in the campaign on The Right to Repair Smartphones

The Right to repair focuses on these three principles: 

Good design

Products should not only be designed to perform, but also to last and to be repaired whenever needed. In order to make products which are easy to repair we need design practices which support ease of disassembly.

Our short term goal: EU legislation sets minimum design requirements to ensure easy disassembly and replacement of key components – starting with smartphones, laptops and other IT products.

Fair access

Repair should be accessible, affordable and mainstream. This means repairing a product shouldn’t cost more than buying a new one. Legal barriers shouldn’t prevent individuals, independent repairers and community repair groups from repairing broken products. We want a universal Right to repair: everyone to access spare parts and repair manuals for the entire lifetime of a product.

Our short term goal: the legal framework giving access to spare parts and repair information for repairers should be set in national registries which are fair and inclusive, and independent from manufacturers.

Informed consumers

Citizens want to know if their products are built to be repaired or destined to be disposable when breaking. Information on product repairability should be made available at the point of purchase to citizens as well as repairers.

The campaign's short term goal: EU to introduce a Scoring System on Repairability as part of the existing energy label for all energy-consuming products.

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