Action Plan: Developing a financing strategy for CLT in Europe

After a two-year diagnostic phase which enabled to build a joint understanding of CLT development at the EU level the SHICC partners are entering an operational phase towards the implementation of a transnational investment platform enabling the model to scale up.

To that end, FMDV coordinated throughout the lockdown a Pre-feasibility Study (March-June 2020) questioning how to best channel funding for CLT at the EU level. This work included the financial needs assessment of 20 pilot organisations across Europe, detailed case studies on relevant vehicles (financial intermediaries, aggregating platform …) and financial instruments (grants, revolving loans, equity, guarantee…) to replicate in order to meet expressed needs.

This work, informing a wider decision-making process, has been complemented by an Action Plan presenting a shared Financing Strategy for CLT in Europe.

>> Access the Action Plan here <<

This roadmap will be framing the project's extension and beyond. It notably motivated the launch of an in-depth Feasibility Study (2020-2021) on the implementation of a CLT project pipeline linking supply and demand. This study will contribute to clarify the legal and operational structure of such a mechanism.

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