Social Impact Tool: Measuring CLTs' Social Impact

The Social Impact Tool has been designed to help Community Land Trusts (CLT) or collaborative housing projects start thinking about their impact and how this can be measured. At the end of using the tool groups will have:

  • an understanding of their impact focus
  • an assessment of the quality of their impact measures
  • a plan of how to improve the quality of these measures if needed.


Groups developing their understanding of their impact and ensuring the collection of robust information and evidence will help them to:

  • make better decisions
  • solve problems strategically and tactically
  • create persuasive and compelling communications.

Through demonstrating and capturing the success of their projects in such relatable and measurable information, it is hoped that groups will be able to share their results and support other CLT’s projects in the future.

A thorough run-through of the tool could take as much as half a day. The full tool can be downloaded below. Following this, we suggest completing the online tool - link and instruction included in the attachment.


1. Social Impact Tool

2. Social Impact Cards

3. Impact Measure Catalogue


Produced by: The National CLT Network (England & Wales), TI

Further information about this tool can be found on the "Community Led Homes" website: here

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