Europe Week in Middelburg

The municipality of Middelburg, our partner in the SMART SPACE project,  organized a ‘Europe Week’ between 18-29 November 2019. The municipality wanted to bring Europe and Interreg to the attention of its inhabitants (over 50,000) in a positive way. Middelburg is involved in many different projects throughout the municipality. Through the available European funding, these projects have been realized or are currently being implemented.

The 15 panels showed the projects which are currently being implemented in the municipality, partly thanks to a European subsidy. Through the panels and messages on the municipal website, social media (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) and the local news, the municipality of Middelburg reached its inhabitants and others.

The SMART SPACE project was also presented. Middelburg focuses on smart and sustainable public lighting. The aim of the project is to reduce the energy consumption and therefore the CO2 emissions of public lighting. The existing outdated lighting will be replaced by modern LED lighting technology and will be made remotely controllable. Sensors are installed at a number of places as well. This allows the light to be better adjusted to the local situation and usage. Specifically, in Middelburg in the focus area (part of the historic city center, President Rooseveltlaan and surroundings and the Jazz and Blues route) 416 light points will be replaced.

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