ST4W and UDE - Logistics at the Dortmund "Logistics & Distribution" trade fair

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Noche represented the ST4W project among other projects
which are running at the department of logistics in University Duisburg Essen.

After explaning the importance of Inland waterways transport in today’s logistics and the possibility of digitalization in this field, professor Noche described the general aspect of ST4W project following with successful pilots in this project, which took place in the involved areas of this project in different countries.

He finished his presentation by explaining the new chapter of the project which extended the time of the project and tried to attract the online audience in order to find the possible future pilots’ companies and further possible cooperation.

Further information obout the trade fair and the actual projects of Logistics department can be found at logistics department (TuL) UDE website

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