Beginning of a new phase: estimation of the landfill mining potential of 8 pilot sites

The RAWFILL partners have started a new phase of the project. The aims of this new phase are to compare the landfill mining interest of selected landfills and to provide for each RAWFILL pilot site an estimation of the potential revenues from identified resources. The RAWFILL methodology is currently tested in real conditions on 8 pilot sites. The resources of 8 landfills located in Wallonia, Flanders, France, the United Kingdom and Germany will be quantified based on the coupling between the geophysics and waste sampling (boreholes and trenches). 3D high-resolution maps of the resources available in the 8 RAWFILL pilot sites are expected by the end of the year.

Moreover, the testing of the two other tools developed by the RAWFILL project (i.e. ELIF and two DSTs) have begun. The ELIF tool is currently being tested on more than 30 landfills in order to preliminary assess the economic potential of the landfill and to identify the drivers to start a profitable LFM project. The trial of the first DST is planned to start in September 2019. It will be tested by municipalities in Flanders (Belgium) and will provide a quick answer to do or not to do further investigations in order to launch a profitable landfill mining project. A second DST, developed to be used by experts, will provide a detailed business case of the investigated landfill. The preliminary results of these testing will be communicated during the 3rd advisory board meeting that will be held on the 3rd of December 2019 in Brussels.

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