Landfill Miner Guide is out!

The notion of a landfill mining project is relatively new and with this novelty comes a host of important questions on how to plan it, how to check its economic viability, how to execute such a project, and so on…

The RAWFILL partners are happy to share their experience based insights, and outline a methodology on how to conduct a landfill mining project from start to finish. The landfill miner guide has been written as a guide, and provides chapters on :
- The concept of landfill mining;
- The legal framework and perspectives;
- Geophysical imaging;
- Sampling and analysis of waste;
- How to organize the data of a landfill using the ELIF framework;
- The use of decision support tools;
- Tips on what to look out for during the operation;
- How to valorize waste; and,
- How to manage stakeholders.
All of this information is accompanied with six case studies of completed or ongoing landfill mining projects within Europe.

So if you are dealing with landfills, get your copy now and keep watching our downloads section as new, additional case studies will be posted in the future.
Also, be sure to check out the RAWFILL infographic which provides you with a quick overview on the RAWFILL methodology.



RAWFILL Landfill miner guide.pdf

RAWFILL infographic

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