Launch of RAWFILL’s E-learning tool

The RAWFILL project has created a large number of tools, including methodologies, database frameworks,  and decision support tools. To distribute detailed information on how to plan and execute a landfill mining project the landfill miner guide was previously released.

To accommodate for different styles of learning, the RAWFILL E-learning platform has been developed featuring 3 easy to follow video modules to teach the basics of the RAWFILL methodology. Each video module has an average duration of approximately half an hour.


The first module explains how the Enhanced Landfill Inventory Framework (ELIF) is designed and how to use it.

The second module covers the use of decision support tools in how to evaluate the potential of a particular landfill site.

The final module gives the users an overview of different methods of data acquisition in the field with a basic explanation of the different traditional and geophysical techniques.


At the end of each module you can take a quick multiple choice test. Scoring 80% or higher will earn you a certificate for that particular module.


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