New Flemish government confirms support to actions on landfills and landfill mining

After the elections of 26th of May 2019 in Flanders, the formation of a new government took place and on 30 September 2019, the new coalition agreement was announced.

This coalition agreement also includes policy initiatives on brownfields and landfills. This means that we can further develop our Dynamic Landfill Management during the coming 5 years.

By using the knowledge and experiences from the Interreg COCOON project, we will improve our long term management of landfills.

The tools developed by Interreg RAWFILL will be implemented in order to gather better data on landfills and make the right decisions.


Excerpts from the official coalition agreement: "Soil remediation ensures that we can safely use former contaminated sites or landfills again, thus reducing the land pressure on the open space."

"We are continuing the policy with regard to brownfields, we are also investing in remediation of contaminated soils and old landfills with a potential for redevelopment and we are investing in the recycling of secondary raw materials from these landfills."


Interested to know more, contact our partner form the Public Waste Agency of Flanders.

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