Rawfill Training days held in Liège

During the 27th and the 28th of February 2020 a practical training course was held on the application of geophysics for supporting the evaluation of landfill mining potential. The training course focused on electric, seismic, magnetic and radar based techniques.
The course covered a general introduction on the techniques and how they provide added value to traditional borehole-based investigations when compiling a resource distribution model. The afternoon of the first day taught the attendees how to setup and use the different equipment to perform field investigations. The second day was an introduction on how to process the gathered information of day 1 for each of the different methods.
The afternoon of the second day was devoted to detailed tutorials on the two decision support tools (DST) developed within the RAWFILL project (Cedalion and Orion). The DSTs have been developed to enable landfill managers to explore possible uses for their landfills, based on the information available.
The event ended with a showcasing of actual projects where landfill mining is an intrinsic part of operations.

These first RAWFILL training days were a huge success. The next RAWFILL training session will be organized in France on the 13th and 14th of May. More information will follow.

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