The results of RAWFILL were presented during the Brownfield academy on October 16, 2019 in Liège (BE)

RAWFILL partners (SPAQuE and ATRASOL) participated at the Brownfield academy conference that was held on the 16th of October 2019 in Liège, Belgium. This event gathered around 45 professionals working in the brownfield redevelopment sector from Belgium, France and Luxemburg. During this event, two presentations were given on the behalf of the RAWFILL project. The first presentation explained in detail the aim of the RAWFILL project as well as the first Green Deal in Wallonia, which was signed for the landfill mining project on the landfill of Onoz. The second presentation was focused on the tools developed by the RAWFILL project, with an emphasis on the Enhanced Landfill Inventories Framework (ELIF). Overall, the participants were enthusiastic about the RAWFILL project and the tools developed. Moreover, they showed great interest in the Onoz landfill mining project. 

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