Webinar on geophysical surveys and decision making

On June 17th 2021, OVAM organized a webinar on geophysical prospection methods and decision support tools for landfills. This webinar was set up to inform Accredited Soil Remediation Experts (ASREs) in the region of Flanders on the RAWFILL findings. In accordance with the Soil Decree, this accreditation is required to execute soil investigations and set up remedial action plans. More than 40 ASREs participated in this session.

After an introduction on the general aspects of the RAWFILL-project, ULg and BGS presented the applicability of geophysical measurements at landfill sites.
The investigation of landfills in view of a potential valorization/rehabilitation requires a detailed characterization of the landfill (geometry, composition). This is often not available. In order to tackle this data constraint, RAWFILL introduced HADESS (High-performing Acquisition of landfill Data by using a geophysical Exploration and Surveying Strategy). HADESS is to provide a high-performing strategy for data acquisition on landfill sites. During this session, different methods and their scope were discussed. The distinction between mapping and profiling methods were explained. Case studies illustrated the operational aspects and results of the surveying techniques.

The second session was an introduction to the 2-step Decision Support Tool (DST) to allow smart (E)LFM-project planning, prioritization and interim use (Cedalion & Orion). The latter, interim use, is the novelty in this dual DST.




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