Closing Event Interreg NWE project Suricates Sediment Uses as Resources In Circular And Territorial EconomieS

Polytech-University of Lille (FRA)

15 December 2022 - 15 November 2022

Interreg NWE Suricates

This 14 partners / 4 countries project belongs to the Interreg Programme Priority Axis 3 (Resource and materials efficiency) and the Specific Objective SO5 (To optimise (re)use of material and natural resources in NWE).

The aim of the Suricates project is to increase sediment reuse for erosion and flood protection, providing authorities, port and waterway managers and erosion experts with new large scale solutions for sediment reuse in NWE ports, waterways and coastlines.


You can look forward to the presentations of the project results by our project partners together with three keynote speeches given by external experts including sediment managers and Interreg NWE. In addition, coffee breaks and a cocktail lunch will give you room for a tchat with the Suricates partners and invited speakers.

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There will be a limited number of 80 people able to attend onsite and of 80 people online. We apply the first come first serve rule so don’t lose your chance to join in by sending us your individual confirmation, by December 2nd, 2022.


                                             Conference Agenda

[8 h 30 9 h 00] Welcome coffee

[9 h 00 9 h 15] Welcome and Presentation on the Suricates Project (E. Masson, U Lille, FR)

[9 h 15 9 h 30] The « Environment and resource efficiency » objective (P. Campobasso, Interreg NWE, FR)

[9 h 30 10 h 00] Beneficial Use of Sediment: International context and guidelines for current implementation practice, challenges and opportunities (L. Sitoni, DEME Group, BE)

[10 h00 10 h 30] Sediment management in a circular economy (P. De Boer, Rijkswaterstaat, NL)

[11 h 00 11 h 30] Coffee Break

[11 h 30 12 h 00] Social, Economic and Environmental Assessment for Sediment Reuse Strategies (J.  Harrington et al., MTU, IE)

[12 h 00 12 h 30] Innovative solutions for sediment beneficial use (T. Debuigne, Ixsane, FR)


[14 h 00 14 h 30] Sediment reallocation strategy to ‘reset’ a natural hydrodynamic system: Port of Rotterdam (A. Wijdeveld, DELTARES, NL)
[14 h 30 15 h 00] Nature-based solutions reusing Scottish Canal sediment for soil and sand in a circular economy (R. Lord et al., U of Strathclyde, UK)

[15 h 00 15 h 30] Developing beneficial use alternatives to sediment management projects with the territories (A. Coftier et al., BRGM, FR)

[16 h 00 16 h 30] Roundtable Session

[16 h 30 16 h 45] Closing of the Conference (E. Masson, Project Leader)



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