Business Case Study #13 – 3DPW Limited

As part of the TRANSFORM-CE project, several case studies are done to benchmark existing circular economy business models. This document covers the results of the case study conducted at 3DPW Limited, based in Bradford, UK. A total of 20 case studies will be done, with five cases per country (The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom).

3DPW Limited support a wide range of circular strategies across the supply chain. The boxes used to collect the 3D printing waste are made locally with recycled PET and are reusable. The recycled granules produced from the recycling process is made available to manufacturing companies as a sustainable feedstock within their own production systems. In-house products commissioned by 3DPW Limited are designed for circularity (being both durable and recyclable) and produced locally by 3rd party service providers, for sale either through retailers (B2B) and directly to end users (B2C). The integration of circularity principles into their design process has also optimised their in-house products for a circular economy and helped to create a joined-up, circular business model that is as efficient as possible.

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