Business Case Study #2: Ozarka

As part of the TRANSFORM-CE project, several case studies are done with exemplary businesses that have adopted circular business models. One of these companies is Ozarka , who replaces linear, disposable containers with circular, reusable containers. Where other businesses are focussed on products, Ozarka’s focus is placed on providing a complete service offering. Depending on the chosen solution, this service may include the collection, cleaning and redistribution of containers; usage of the DeliverZero technology platform where everything ordered through the system comes in reusable containers; or offering an option for selling semi-prepared food which can go straight from freezer to oven to microwave to a commercial dishwasher. The offered service also includes replacement of broken, damaged or missing containers. Products that have reached end-of-life are taken back and stored for recycling.

A striking point of Ozarka’s reuse model is that they never ask for any deposits or other upfront costs. Instead consumers are reminded to return the container and a replacement fee will be charged if not returned within a couple of weeks.

Read the full report here.

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