Business Case Study #4: Keter

Keter has been using recycled plastic in its products for many years. We had the pleasure of doing a case study about the circularity of its two key brands: Keter (outdoor furniture and storage) and Curver (home organisation).

Keter is currently using more than 40% recycled content in its products and is aiming to double this percentage within the next ten years. Where in the past recycled materials were used because of cost reasons, and the use of it was not communicated (due to reluctance of consumers), it has now become an integral part of the company’s strategy.

The use of recycled content in products is already taken into account from the beginning of the product development process, for example by tailored moulds and product designs with less sharper edges. Seats of furniture may be made thicker, include extra ribs for support or are made partly of virgin materials. The imperfections due to use of recycled materials (e.g. ‘dots’) are either included in the design (with the ‘concrete-look’ products) or hidden (by using textures).

To further enhance circularity besides recycling, customer service is offered to replace broken parts or products within the warranty period. Moreover, Keter is exploring possibilities for introducing product end-of-life programs, to collect (large) products and recycle them after usage.

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