Invitation webinar and workshop May 12 2021

Online event

12 May 2022

“Can we increase capture rates of single use plastic and use it for advanced technologies whilst reducing disposal costs?”

In this webinar we will provide key insights from our research into collection systems and the available supply of single use plastic, as well as opportunities to divert this valuable resource from existing disposal routes.

In dedicated breakout rooms, we will host four separate workshops, one for each partner region hosted in Dutch, English, French and German. This will provide a unique opportunity to reflect on the research results and explore opportunities with other key stakeholders in the sector. The aim will be to determine how individual nations and municipalities can increase the capture of these plastics, reducing carbon emissions the reliance on virgin raw materials.

For whom:
Local authorities, Waste Management companies, central and regional government and professional bodies

When is it?
11PM – 12.30 PM (CET) on Thursday May 12 2022

How can I join?
Free to access and open to all, the webinar will be hosted online . Registration is via Eventbrite. Attendees will receive a link of the event. Please register: Household plastic waste: can we collect more for advanced recycling?


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