The Plastic Fantastic Truck Tour

UK, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands

19 September 2022 - 11 October 2022

Save Plastics, which is based in Arnhem, the Netherlands, strongly believes in the circular economy and that there is no such thing as plastic waste. What is commonly seen as plastic waste, Save Plastics sees as a valuable raw material that can be used to make other products. As a partner of TRANSFORM-CE, it is involved in TRANSFORM-CE’s Plastic Fantastic Truck Tour (PFTT), an international tour to demonstrate to a wide audience how plastic recycling works.

The EU funded TRANSFORM-CE project is an alliance of four countries (Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom) in the European North West that are developing innovative solutions for recycling plastic for use in producing new products.

The idea behind the PFTT is to promote TRANSFORM-CE and its partners internationally and raise awareness about recycling plastic and the circular economy. Save Plastics has built a complete functioning mobile factory and will bring it to various events to meet TRANSFORM-CE partners and explain why TRANSFORM-CE and the plastic roadmap are important. It will give live demonstrations of the intrusion-extrusion moulding (IEM) and additive manufacturing (AM) technologies. Everyone involved in the PFTT is pleased that the event can finally go ahead, after having been postponed several times because of the Covid pandemic.

The Tour will be visited by schools, universities, local authorities, municipalities, companies, political institutions and so on. Anyone interested is welcome. Visitors can even use the mobile factory to make their own keyring from their own plastic waste themselves. They shred their plastic in the shredder, put the granules in the extruder and press out the keyring. They can also see how the 3D printer works, watch videos, and learn about plastic recycling and TRANSFORM-CE and its partners.

The PFTT will visit several locations in each of the countries, starting in the UK and then going on to Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. In total, it will cover four countries, attend 12 events, involve 1,000 people, and travel 3,500 kms between mid-September and mid-October.

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