TRANSFORM-CE*, an Interreg NW Europe funded project, is pleased to offer educational programs for primary and secondary schools to learn about the collection, treatment and recycling of plastic waste.

Through these educational programs schools get the opportunity to use the teaching materials about plastic recycling.

The lesson plans consist of classroom lessons for primary school children aged 10-12 years and secondary school children aged 12-14 years. They also include interactive assignments, visual materials on the plastic recycling process, and a teacher’s manual. Depending on the location of the schools, additional activities such as visits to relevant companies may also be options.

The secondary school pupils can also design an item made from single-use plastics. The project places special emphasis on single-use plastics and how they can be turned into new products as part of the circular economy. The Educational Packages are available in three languages: English, German and Dutch.

SME’s Lisette van Heijst, Education and Participation Advisor, says “Why do we continue doing things the same way when we can do things differently? We are facing huge environmental issues and education is crucial in changing things. These lesson plans will help teachers make the future generations more aware of what is happening and how things can be done differently.”

Alongside SME, several other organisations were and are involved in this project. They include the Institute for Applied Material Flow Management at the Trier University of Applied Sciences (Germany); the Municipality of Almere, Save Plastics (the Netherlands), Bureau MVO and Manchester Metropolitan University (UK).

Further information

Download the lesson plans on: https://www.nweurope.eu/projects/project-search/transform-ce-transforming-single-use-plastic-waste-into-additive-manufacturing-and-intrusion-extrusion-moulding-feedstocks-and-creating-a-new-circular-economy-model-for-nwe/%23tab-9#tab-9

If you have any questions or would like more information about the educational pilot project, please contact one of the people below:

  • Germany - Michael Schmidt (IfaS) michael.schmidt@umwelt-campus.de
  • The Netherlands - Stefan Schoegje (Save Plastics) stefan@saveplastics.nl
  • United Kingdom Carly Fletcher (Manchester Metropolitan University) - carly.fletcher@mmu.ac.uk

*TRANSFORM-CE promotes the circular economy in Europe. One area of its work is the recycling of plastics into new products. It works with a group of nine organisations in four countries to promote the plastic circular economy.

For further information on TRANSFORM-CE, see www.nweurope.eu/transform-ce or contact Manchester Metropolitan University by email at Circulareconomy_MMU@mmu.ac.uk Circulareconomy_MMU@mmu.ac.uk.


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