Meet the Partners: Save Plastics

Save Plastics is an innovative Dutch company that specialises in the recycling of plastic waste into new, value-added products, such as outdoor furniture, decking and planters. Lead by Director, Bram Peters, Save Plastics is a key partner in the TRANSFORM-CE project, working alongside CIRWINN and Almere Municipality to further develop and upscale their innovative intrusion-extrusion moulding technology.

Intrusion-extrusion moulding involves heating up plastic household waste (mix foil) with an extruder into a cold form or cold press. The products can used for outdoor use.

As part of TRANSFORM-CE, Save Plastics will be offering businesses expert advice on intrusion-extrusion moulding technology, the types of products that are able to be produced, the processes involved in setting up a plant and selling the produced products for further business uptake. Businesses will be able to uptake the recycled plastic products and components that Save Plastics already manufactures and integrate these into their existing business models. Alternatively, they may design, develop and prototype new product designs using the technology or work to integrate the intrusion-extrusion moulding process into their own supply chains and manufacturing plants.

A small-scale intrusion-extrusion moulding plant is already in operation in Almere, having launched in April 2021, which is processing 150 tonnes municipal plastic waste per annum. As TRANSFORM-CE progresses, a further medium-scale plant will be brought online, expanding annual capacity to 450 tonnes. See for video:

Further information on Save Plastics, their activities and products can be found at

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