The Green Plastic Factory – a step closer to zero waste

In April 2021 Save Plastics opened the doors of the IEM plant in Almere. Named the Green Plastic Factory; this fully operational pilot plant was built to solve the waste problem in Almere.

Save Plastics teamed up with the Municipality of Almere and opened the plant on the premises of Cirwinn, a local waste recycling company. Being close to the source of the waste is ideal for the Green Plastic Factory, because less transport movements are needed. It also contributes to the vision of Save Plastics to produce locally and circular from waste streams that would otherwise be incinerated. About 60% of all the post-consumer plastic waste in the Netherlands, which adds up to nearly one billion kilograms per year, is incinerated.

Over the next two years the Green Plastic Factory will develop 20 products which will serve the urban area of Almere and the Amsterdam region. These will include park benches, bridges, vertical gardens and much more. To meet this ambitious goal, Save Plastics is looking for partners to develop client oriented products that are designed, tested and produced in the Green Plastic Factory. Almere will host the Floriade Expo in 2022 where Save Plastics will proudly show its innovations from the Green Plastic Factory including a plastic house.

Save Plastics is a proud partner of TRANSFORM-CE. It has already teamed up with several TRANSFORM-CE partners like Materia Nova (Belgium), Manchester Metropolitan University (United Kingdom), and the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (the Netherlands).

In the recent TRANSFORM-CE webinar (4th November), Bram Peters (CEO Save Plastics) and Stefan Schoegje (Manager Green Plastic Factory) told the story of how the idea of the factory was turned into a reality and of all the successes which followed. This was all made possible thanks to TRANSFORM-CE.

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