Business support report: Aectual

As part of the Transform-CE project, several case studies will be done to assess the conditions that foster the uptake of recycled plastic feedstock in (new) products. This document covers the results of the case study at Aectual, based in the Netherlands. A total of 20 case studies will be done, each representing one product to be (re)designed with recycled plastic. In depth support will be given to five cases per country (The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom).

Aectual’s products are produced on-demand so no ‘dead’ stock is produced and stored. As the products are 3D printed, no waste is produced. Aectual offers the option to return products at end-of-life and incentivizes this by giving discounts on new purchases or cash-backs. Next to that, the analysis shows that reclaiming and recycling is very relevant from an environmental point of view in comparison with reproducing products with virgin materials. Benefits up to 50% can be observed from the first recycling. Recycling the product more than once enhance its environmental performance even more and can reduce its carbon footprint by 3 after 4 recycling rounds.

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