Webinar Circular Concrete

18 June 2020

The URBCON project aims to reduce the high primary material consumption and CO2 emissions of the construction sector by using by-products as an alternative to primary raw materials in the production of concrete.

During the webinar, the project partners will give you more insight into the project and the sustainable URBCON concrete. We will use the case 't Centrum, the first circular office building in Belgium, to explain the application of circular concrete in a circular building and circular tendering.

If you have any questions, please contact us at marijke.aerts@kampc.be.


Explanation of the URBCON project, by Marijke Aerts of Kamp C

Presentation of URBCON concrete, by Wouter Crijns of ResourceFull BV

Presentation of ’t Centrum, by Emiel Ascione of Kamp C


 Explanation circular tendering, by Stefan Belmans of Streng-th bv



Application URBCON concrete at ‘t Centrum, by Dil Tirimanna of FDN Group



Keynote speakers:



  • Project manager at Kamp C
  • Emiel is a construction engineer and is following the construction of the circular office building 't Centrum that will be built on the site of Kamp C. He wants to work with the URBCON partners to use the circular concrete in the reusable foundations of the circular building. During the webinar, Emiel will give a presentation about 't Centrum, the first circular office building in Belgium.



  • Project manager at Kamp C
  • Marijke is a construction engineer and has a master in spatial planning. She follows up on some European projects such as 3D concrete printing, URBCON concrete and housing policy. Marijke is managing the application of the URBCON concrete. Kamp C wants to inspire and guide the construction sector to a faster transition of the circular economy. The URBCON technology fits in perfectly with this and will also be used in the first circular office building to be built at Kamp C. Marijke will give an introduction about the URBCON project, the aim of the project and its realisation.



  • Manager at ResourceFull BV
  • Wouter is a civil engineer in materials science. ResourceFull supports the upscaling of lab results to industrially applicable mixtures. As a supplier of alternative binders with lower CO2 emissions, greening of concrete is central to our company. The global CO2 emissions from aircraft, boat and large truck traffic combined (6%) is less than the 8% emissions from the concrete industry. In his presentation, Wouter will take a look at how URBCON can offer a long-term solution for this. He will explain in detail how the URBCON technology works, the ecological, commercial and technical benefits that can be put forward, and finally, he will address the barriers that remain to be overcome.



  • Senior Consultant at FDN Group
  • Dil explains the use of URBCON concrete in 't Centrum



  • Director at Streng-th bv
  • Stefan obtained a Master in Industrial Sciences and a Master in Construction Management. Streng-th wants to integrate maximum circular processes and applications in the construction of 't Centrum with the consortium Kamp Circulair. The concept is fully removable and rebuildable with a focus on wood as a building material. For a number of parts (foundations) concrete is needed and we are looking for a sustainable and circular solution. We think URBCON can strengthen us in this. Stefan explains the submitted concept and the role for circular concrete.

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