Final event on June 16 ends the URBCON-project

The URBCON project's central theme aims to strengthen urban communities and promote the sustainable use of resources. Ranging from improving the quality of life in cities, reducing CO2 emissions, and encouraging green mobility, the project has several accomplishments to its name.

Through this project, we have developed a comprehensive E-handbook that aims to guide urban planners and policymakers in their efforts toward sustainable cities. It explains the project's objectives and successful strategies to overcome the pitfalls that they might encounter.

The project's outcomes have shown that the effective implementation of sustainable practices can have tremendous benefits for society's wellbeing. We hope that people will read the E-handbook and apply the project's strategies to their local development plans, continuing the momentum.

This project stands as an excellent model for sustainable urban development and encourages us to strive for similar breakthroughs in the future.

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