URBCON launches tender for Ghent pilot

The URBCON project is reducing CO2 emissions from concrete constructions by replacing primary raw materials with by-products such as metallic slags and incineration ashes. The URBCON partners are developing these concrete mixes and will be testing and showcasing them in 3 pilots.

The City of Ghent now launched a tender for the construction of its pilot case: an emergency evacuation staircase at the school ‘De Zonnepoort’.

The above-ground construction parts will be produced in prefab concrete. This shortens the implementation time and limits the impact on the functioning school, and allows for the innovative concrete to be produced in a more controlled environment. The construction team will also carry out innovative research during the implementation phase, with the support of the URBCON partners. This research includes:

  • Scaling up of the concrete composition supplied by the URBCON partners
  • Test run in the concrete plant
  • Production of research sample for further research by the URBCON partners
  • Production of test pieces
  • Destructive load test and a non-destructive load test in situ.

Construction teams, consisting of at least an architectural firm, a stability engineering firm and a contractor, are invited to send in their application before February 9, 2021.

Applications will be assessed on the basis of the criteria described in the selection guide, after which 1 to 3 tenderers will be selected to prepare a paid preliminary study.  This study will consist of:

  • Vision paper on the future development of the extension, followed by a covered playground
  • Sketch design for the evacuation staircase
  • First cost estimate, and a description of the tasks and works to be performed
  • Plan of approach and first planning

After weighting the submitted proposals, a negotiation phase can possibly be started before awarding the work to the executive construction team.

The timing of the work is as follows:

  • December 2020: Publication of the contract
  • February 2021: Phase 1 - selection of 3 construction teams
  • March 2021: Phase 2 - award of 3 construction teams
  • August 2021: Phase 3 - award to the executive construction team
  • September 2021: Phase 4 - start of implementation phase 1 construction team
  • December 2022: Phase 5 - start of aftercare and guarantee period

All information on the tender can be obtained (in Dutch) at the e-Notification application, reference number STAD GENT-PPP0HZ-4887/0151/FEG/2020-F02. Further inquiries can be made to overheidsopdrachten@stad.gent.

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