Demonstration UV-C – IPM strategy at strawberry pilot grower

Working with a dose of 90 J/m2 has a efficacy of 80% in controlling mildew. These frequency and dose control mildew without harming the predatory mite population (86% survival rate in comparison with untreated plants). Next to controlling mildew we noticed that UV-C has a working rate against the pest spider mite (65 irradication).

To validate and demonstrate this UV-C – IPM strategy we started a trial at a Belgian strawberry pilot grower. UV-C application was performed in a spring cultivation with the strawberry cultivar Sonsation. At every moment of the cultivation cycle the UV-C – IPM strategy was able to control powdery mildew and spider mite. Also the predatory mite population was able to sufficiently control thrips and whitefly (two very important pest in strawberry cultivations).

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