Trial started about the effect of UV-C on strawberry mother plants

The use of pesticides against mildew is very intense during plant breeding of strawberry plants. The aim of this trial is to apply UV-C to fight powdery mildew (and spider mites) and to make healthy plant material with a minimum of chemical input.

Half March Elsanta was planted in the plastic greenhouse of Proefcentrum Hoogstraten. We aim to control mildew and spider mite on the mother plants (production of runner tips) by using UV-C light. UV-C will be applicated three times a week at a dosage of 90 J/m2 (2x45 J/m2) at sunset. We will compare the efficacy of the UV-C strategy with an untreated control and an IPM control. In the UV-C object and the untreated control no sprayings to control mildew will be done and no predatory mites will be introduced in the crop. The IPM control will be sprayed in a conventional way and predatory mites to control spider mite will be introduced in the crop.
In June a mildew and spider mite assessment will be done on the runner tips produced in the different objects. Also the amount of runner tips will be counted and the vitality of the roots of the runner tips will be evaluated.

Video: Autonomous UV-C application to control strawberry at Proefcentrum Hoogstraten.

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