Wijnen Square Crops, Masters in Growth,

As a progressive grower, we are constantly innovating, mainly in sustainability. We optimize our cultivation and business process with an eye for people, plants and the environment.
We always strive for better and believe that our products and locations must meet strict quality requirements. We guarantee these through various certifications. For Wijnen Square Crop,s the following applies; advantage through innovation.
Compared to our other crops, the cultivation of cucumbers is characterized primarily by the rapid growth and development of the crop. Crop protection for cucumber cultivation is intensive partly because we do everything possible to keep pests and diseases out of our greenhouses. Strict hygiene measures, a gain of the vents, frequent and adequate use of biological control agents and, as a last option correcting with pesticides in time and at the right moment. The aim is maximum biological control, which works well with diseases and pests. Mildew remains a challenge, so there are few effective natural solutions.


The quest for effective and preventive treatments against mildew has led to cooperation with PCH, among others, through the UV-robot project. In this project, in addition to trials at various test stations, trials are also conducted in practice. As of July 15, at Wijnen Square Crops in a high wire cucumber crop (planting 4-7-2023), 50% of the area is treated three times a week with the Lumion UV-C robot. The treatments are done completely autonomously between sunset and sunrise. We will compare the effectiveness of the UV-C strategy in autumn with regular IPM controls. No spraying for mildew control will be done in the UV-C object as long as the mildew remains under control.

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