Voucher call feed: Q&A

Find out more on our voucher call for SMEs in the insects for feed sector through this Q&A. The questions were asked by the participants of the information session organised on 11 January 2022.

Click here to see the PowerPoint presentation, and here to watch the recording of the webinar.


The voucher call will be launched on 17 January.


Criteria & Application

  • What does “Network” mean as a criteria?

We would like to know if you are part of some association, have partners, or work with stakeholders, universities. Are you already cooperating with other companies? It means that we are interested to get a view on the fact that you have connections with other partners in the sector.

  • Can we send more than 1 application?

Yes but the maximum amount granted per SME in total is 40K.

  • Is it possible to submit jointly with two (independent) SME’s (still matching the requirements for one SME)?

Yes but we have to assign a leader because of project technical reasons (de minimis regulation).
So we suggest that one of the two SMEs takes the lead.
Another option is that both SMEs submit an application that refer to the application of the other SME.


Evaluation of the applications

  • Could you explain the evaluation criteria ?

See slide 26 describing the evaluation criteria and the manual that is available on the ValuSect website.

  • What if the feed streams are not of European origin but are processed here?

If it is processed by (for example rearing insects) in the NEW region, the application is valid because the economic activities are performed in the North-West European Region. However, you have to be able to prove the location of these activities. In other words, we need to have a view on the impact.
In case we have doubts about this, you will be contacted for further explanation.

  • Will the evaluation score be communicated to the applicant?

The exact scores will not be communicated but there will be feedback on rejections and approvals. This should give the applicant an idea on the overall evaluation of the submitted case.

  •  In the evaluation criteria slide, I do not understand the numbers in the brackets next to different sections. For example: “Introduction (2)”. What does 2 indicates? The highest weight of the section?

The number in bracket is the weight of the section.
So the higher the number between the brackets, the more important that criterium is.

  • Frass is a by-product of the process.  Would R&D into frass be in scope?

The voucher call focuses on feed. If the frass by-product will be used for feed purposes it could be in the scope. If not, it will not be in the scope.



  • Will we select the ValuSect partners we will work with or will the consortium select them?

When answering the application, you choose which service(s) interest(s) you. The consortium chooses the voucher leader who has the necessary skills for the innovative idea. It is then discussed with the selected participant which other partners will be involved for performing of the voucher services.

  • Can the vouchers be used for further research already done by the SME?

Yes, but the ValuSect partner will continue the research. Applicants do not receive funds for doing research themselves.

  • Can the vouchers be used for any services offered by the partner or is the list restricted?

All the services available are listed in the menu of services.

  • In case of a lab study with insects, is the larvae and all rearing infrastructure supplied by the partner?

No, it is not always the case. We have to see case by case what is needed for the services and check the availability within the partnership. For example, there can be an agreement between the applicant and the ValuSect-consortium that describes that we can deliver the services under the condition that the applicant provides the necessary input such as insects or parts of the infrastructure needed. This will be discussed and agreed with the applicant and the conditions will be described in the voucher service contract when the voucher is approved.

  • Is there a list of the costs of services?

This list is not communicated on the website. Mainly because every case is different and has a unique approach. However, when the service-proposal is discussed, the applicant gets a view on the cost of the different services.



  • Who owns the IP from the research?

Because the project is funded by public means form the European Fund for Regional Development, the IP that is created in the project is public as well. In other words, you cannot build IP from the research. Despite this, we are convinced that Technological services can be complementary to existing IP of the applicants.

  • Will results be made publicly available for any of the selected projects?

Yes, we have to communicate about our results. However, it will first be generalised.


Some questions asked on the vouchers calls food apply also to this voucher call, see this article.

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