We started measuring the greenhouse gases emitted from insect rearing

One of ValuSect’s missions is to improve the primary insect production process by investigating the greenhouse gases emissions produced during insects rearing.

To do so, Fontys University of Applied Sciences created an accumulation chamber. The setup, mounted to a trolley, is portable in order to be used inside a climate chamber. Inside the cabinet, the measurements are done by electrochemical sensors. The accumulation chamber houses one crate of insects at the time.

The oxygen, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity concentrations inside the accumulation chamber can be measured directly. However, the emissions of certain gases of interest for the project such as ammonia and nitrous dioxide are too low to be measured with electrochemical sensors. This is why, after a certain time of accumulation, a sample bag is filled and analysed in a lab, using a gas spectro analyzer. The progress and the state of the system can be monitored on the user interface.

The accumulation chamber is currently running at Inagro. Mealworms are being tested, but other insects will follow later on.


Pictures: Fontys University of Applied Sciences

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