The European Parliament includes insects in their draft report on a European Protein Strategy

In a context where several institutions have pushed, in the past, for a European Protein strategy, ValuSect is pleased that the European Parliament decided to adopt a resolution calling for the establishment of a European Protein Strategy. In particular, in the lead Committee on Agriculture, MEP Wiesner issued a draft report stressing that “insects should be considered as alternative sources of protein, particularly for animal nutrition and that the interest in insects for human and animal consumption is growing”. This draft report also underlines that it is crucial to enhance research and development in plant-based and alternative proteins.

Furthermore, the Committee on Fisheries also adopted an opinion which stresses that further development and sustainable innovation in the field of plant protein production and complementary sources of protein in the EU, such as insects and algae, is a way of effectively addressing many of the environmental and climate challenges”. This opinion also emphasises the need to invest in research and development to increase the use of complementary proteins in fish feed, such as insects.

ValuSect warmly welcomes those developments seeing that insects are taken into account in the Parliament’s works. It is an important recognition in both Committees, and we hope that those very important statements will appear in the final decision in Plenary.

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