The ValuSect vouchers call for insect-based food products development is open, apply now!

The ValuSect call for vouchers has been launched today! SMEs with an innovative idea for the development of the edible insects business in Europe can now apply for a voucher worth up to €40.000 in services provided by the projects partners, experts in the breeding, transformation and marketing of insects for food. The consortium will select 40 cases over 3 years.

The vouchers aim to accelerate the development of insect-based food businesses in North-West Europe, and transfer knowledge on the subject.

What are the criteria to apply?

The participant should be a food and beverage or agri-food SME, located in North-West Europe (see country list here). It should be able to show an innovative idea for the development of the insect-based food business. Activities related to three insect species are stupported: grasshoppers, crickets and mealworms (Locusta Migratoria, Acheta Domesticus and Tenebrio Molitor). Other species will not be accepted, because they are out of the scope of the project.

It is important to note that the vouchers concern insects for food, and not for feed.

Menu of services

The list of available services that can be provided by the partners includes technological services, food development and innovation, consumer acceptance and strategic business services, all related to insect-based food products. You can find this menu of services on our website. Please note that a quick look guide will show you a summary of the services provided.

The application process

If you want, for example, to optimise shelf life or nutritional quality of your insect-based product, test a newly developed product on a panel of consumers to evaluate acceptance or start breeding insects as a business, submit your idea by 31 December 2020. You can do so by filling the Application Form Stage 1 and send it to

If successful, you will be invited on 31 January 2021 to detail your idea before 15 February 2021. Chosen cases will receive an answer in March 2021.


The list of services, the application form, and the explanations on the vouchers selection are available on our website.



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