Valusect attended the 4th Insects to Feed the World Conference

Between June 12 and 16 2022, we took part in the 4th Insects to Feed the World Conference in Québec City (Canada), a truly worldwide event as it gathered more than 400 academics and experts from around the world, both on site and online, to exchange on the latest advancements in the field of edible insects and entotechnologies.

The aim of the conference was to facilitate the dialogue and the exchange of research results on the uses of insects in the context of food and feed security, toward building evidence-based legislations, advancing communal knowledge, and promoting innovation for the sector. Our team was also able to taste a large variety of surprising dishes! For instance, we had the opportunity to try the tomato carpaccio with ants on top. And this is all thanks to the wonderful talent of participating chefs.

Our partner Inagro presented some of our project’s results during two different sessions and were also invited to give a post-conference workshop to introduce insect rearing on a pilot scale to the participants. We were delighted to have 29 people from 12 different countries participating.

Our project leader Thomas More also presented the design and construction of a pilot plant for insect rearing and processing in Belgium.

We left Québec with much optimism for the future of Valusect and insects as a source of food!

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