ValuSect’s final event was a success

21 09 2023, Brussels — Interreg North-West Europe project ValuSect would like to thank everyone who attended the closing event on 21 September in Brussels. We are convinced that the insect-based food and feed sector will continue to expand and grow in the coming years, particularly with the help of the recently launched ValuSect Accelerator Platform, and we are proud to see that insect-based nutrition can bring great minds together, as it did yesterday.

During the conference, experts discussed the main results of ValuSect and future directions. In particular, Siebe Berrens and Isabelle Noyens from the Thomas More University of Applied Sciences and Carl Coudron from Inagro reported on their research into the low emissions of mealworm, house cricket and black soldier fly rearing. In addition, the nutritional profile of the yellow mealworm reared with the supplementation of agricultural side streams was presented.

The newly established Accelerator Platform ( was presented by Christine Brombach from ZHAW. This platform is based on the experience of the consortium and the available literature and is intended to continue after the end of the ValuSect project in order to keep the valuable information available and easy to access. Furthermore, what makes this platform unique is the possibility to conduct research on different aspects, either by language, by field, by country, or by type of information such as videos, tweets, articles, etc.

Additionally, Natalia Naranjo Guevara reflected on the main lessons learned from the ValuSect voucher schemes, which have provided valuable support to SMEs.

While Linda Grant from BIC Innovation described the current challenges for the emerging novel food companies and the key actions for policymakers to make insects for food and feed part of a sustainable future, Ivan Stefanic from the European Innovation Council (EIC) focused on the opportunities for visionary entrepreneurs.  “Economy and entrepreneurship are just like a coin with two sides: on one side we have problems, but on the other side we have opportunities”, he said. In particular, the EIC has set up three major programmes (Pathfinder, Transition & Accelerator) to facilitate the development of innovations for research institutions, SMEs or consortia, with grants available from 2.5 million up to 4 million and more.

Finally, the conference explored strategies to attract a wider consumer base to insect-based food products, thanks to the insights of Sonja Floto-Stammen from Fontys.

ValuSect strongly believes in the potential of the insect-based food and feed sector, and its promising future in North-West Europe and the European Union in general. Although it currently faces some obstacles, novel insect proteins have the potential to grow into a major food component sector in the coming years.

ValuSect is proud to have contributed to the development of this sector at European level. Once again, we are grateful to all those who have contributed to ValuSect's missions, especially the members of the consortium. The insect-based food and feed sector has many great years ahead!



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