Are you ready for the Challenges?

The last kick-off meeting in Eindhoven was a tremendous success, and the next steps of the project have been fixed. VR4REHAB participants have defined their to-do list for the next months. Let's find out more about the next levels of the project!

The Kick-off meeting

On June 20-21 we gathered the teams participating in the Game Jams, at Game Solutions Lab headquarter (TAC Building, Eindhoven).
A great opportunity to meet all the teams and create new synergies!
In fact, during these two days of hard work, the groups had the opportunity to consult with experts from different fields, like legal advisors and managers.
Click here to check out the list of workshops hosted during the Kick-off meeting.

VR4REHAB Support

The VR4REHAB team is planning some solutions to support the teams during the coming Challenges phase.

1. The Coaches

To help the teams with preparing for the user confrontation and clinical validation, the coaches from Game solutions lab will visit the participants in the upcoming period. They will arrange the appointments and bring the tools needed.

2. Facebook group

The teams are invited to join the VR4REHAB team through the exclusive Facebook group. A dedicated area they can use to share ideas, updates or questions.
Send a membership request.

3. Online library

VR4REHAB Team is working on the last task of the project: the Online Library, a digital platform gathering the ideas and concepts generated during the hackathons and game jams.
To support the project,  fill in the google form.
As anticipated during the meeting, VR4REHAB team is still defining how to develop this platform. So, if you have any suggestion, feel free to share your feedback and remarks with us!

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