Dissemination: ideas to spread out the outcomes of your project

Dissemination: ideas to spread out the outcomes of our project

After hackathons and game jams, finally, VR4REHAB participants can join two events to disseminate the outcomes of their project. But what does dissemination mean?

Don't worry! In this article, we will find out more about this topic, and we will help you in getting prepared for your dissemination occasion.

What is dissemination?

European projects give importance to the dissemination aspect, which, integrated with communication and exploitation, can deliver a project to success.

Dissemination is about describing the results of your activity, to make the results available to be used for research or industry purposes, and making an impact.

You can use as many channels, each one with a different goal:

  • magazine, journals, and newspapers, where you can publish an article describing your work;
  • social media networks, to be used to build your reputation online by disseminating the results;
  • workshops are an engaging way to present the outcomes of your project;
  • events, like conferences, fairs, and exhibitions where you can meet specialist audiences.

This strategy can be easily applied also for the teams who are participating in VR4REHAB project. They have been invited to join two events to disseminate and spread out the results of the prototypes they are developing. 

Disseminating VR4REHAB outcomes

VR4REHAB project gives the possibility, to the teams participating in the Challenges, to disseminate their results at the events organized by the consortium partners.

Are you a team member? The next dissemination opportunities:

How to get prepared? 

If you are a team member, you should remember our dissemination workshop in Eindhoven, held during the kick-off meeting in June

We defined together which steps you need to accomplish to build up a good dissemination strategy.

First of all, you have to define your target audiences. Who is interested in the potential use of the results? From the scientific or industrial community to policymakers, defining your publics is very important to get results. 

It will be essential for the second step: selecting the dissemination channels. You need to find out the interests and the goals of your audiences and, based on this analysis, identify the best channels to reach themSome examples? Online repositories, scientific publications, conferences, tradeshows, and social media.

Finally, don't forget to identify your competitors, and check out the way they promote themselves, both online and offline, and disseminate their results. 



Don't panic, we can help you to get ready!

You can find a useful tool to define your dissemination plan. Here you can download a dissemination model canvas that will help you in defining the main points of your strategy.

Communication_Dissemination Canvas model.pdf

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